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CLICK HERE to sign up to run or play games!

Please understand that if you are signing up to run or play a game using either Fantasy Grounds or Tabletop Simulator, you must own a copy unless stated otherwise. 

If you are looking to run or play in a game for the Nerds-International Virtual Convention, you’ve come to the right page. If you would like to host a game, please use the following steps:

The GM

If you are planning on running a game, see these slides. If you are planning on signing up to play in a game, scroll down to Player Section

Select date using the correct tab at the bottom of the page

Select Date

Put the time you will be running your game and be sure to include time zone

Put Time

Next, put the game type in the next cell. This would be if you are running a RPG, a board game, card game or whatever type you will be running

Game Type

Then, put your platform here. This is very important so players that are signing up know if they need to have the platform you will be running on


Put your name in the GM cell

GM Name

Then, put the amount of needed players (min-max) in the next cell

Number of Players

And finally, a short description of your game. If you are using Fantasy Grounds, this can be the area you put your game alias. Or, if you are using Roll20, you can put a link to your game here as well

Short Description

All GM’s, please be sure to put your email address in the correct box!

Player Section

If you are wanting to sign up to play in a game, just use the same link provided above and put your name in the cell shown in the picture. Be sure to check the hosts “Min-Max” number of players. If the max number of players has already signed up, put your name in the Overflow area of the sign up sheet

Player Name

Here is what a finalized game sign up should look like

Sample Sheet

All players, please be sure to put your email address in the box next to your name!


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