The Nerds-International Network is a network of podcasters, bloggers, and all around great people. The network was founded just over two years ago and has been growing little by little ever since.

The thing that sets this group of folks apart from the rest is the family feeling. If you are a part of this network, you are family and accepted. In over two years of growing this network, there has been no hard feelings with anyone and everyone gets along great.

You will not find a more true, honest and accepting group of folks in the gaming hobby. If there is one thing that is for sure, we don’t hide behind a veil of falseness. We are true to ourselves and will always be true to you. We hope that you will join our ranks and get ready to have some drinks, play some games, but most of all, have a great time!

Be sure to join the NiVCoN G+ group here!


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